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Welcome to German Premium Lubricants Private Limited, to a world of technology, innovation and sustainability for all lubricants and Car Care product needs for all Automotive and Non-Automotive Industries. We are more than just a supplier of Lubricants, Greases and car care product. In fact, we see ourselves as a consultant to help our customers increase their profits by offering the world best quality product for their use…

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  • Active Power

    Active power is the power which is actually consumed or utilized in an AC Circuit is called True power or Active Power or real power. It is measured in kilowatt (kW) or MW.

  • Fuel Economy

    Fuel economy is a rating of how far a vehicle can travel on a specific amount of fuel. The less fuel the vehicle uses, the higher the fuel economy.

  • Low Saps

    What does low SAPS oil mean? Low-SAPS engine oil is the one with low levels of sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur content. They are also called low-ash engine oils because they have a low tendency to ash formation.

  • Motor Protection

    Motor protection is used to prevent damage to the electrical motor, such as internal faults in the motor.

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